Home Automation - Safeguard Your Home With a Nightly Shutdown Routine

Home Automation - Safeguard Your Home With a Nightly Shutdown Routine

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I have a LOT of Home Automation devices and managing them can be quite a task. But there is one task that I have automated that protects your home from excessive power consumption or even dangerous conditions. Of course, many people have built routines to automate the operation of their devices. One favorite is to turn on the coffee pot just before it's time wake up. Maybe it your new automated watering system. Whatever the reason, you may end up with a large number of routines that you have to manage. But sometime you can consolidate tasks into a single routine that is much more manageable. For example. It's time to go to bed and just as you lay down, you can't remember if your turned of the TV in the basement. Or maybe just the Set Top box. It doesn't matter what device you are talking about. If you have already it in your Home Automatic setup, you can give yourself a little piece of mind with this procedure.


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