Why you will love the Windows 8 Interface (formerly Metro)

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We’ve been working with Windows 8 since the first Developer version was released months ago.  Unlike a lot of reviewers and other nay-sayers, we loved the new interface as soon as we saw it. Why?

WindowsmenuIn earlier versions of Windows, every time you installed a program, it was installed in a Program Group.  If you used the default settings and installed many programs over the years, you ended up with a giant menu that expanded into several levels.  Only if you knew how to rearrange your menu by dragging shortcuts around or by creating new menu folders, could you organize your menus.  If you’re a geek, you’ve probably helped many people rearrange their menus so they could find their programs easier.





big-start-menu-for-windows-7Windows 7 did a better job and also added in the search functionality to find programs, files or even mail.  But the menu still could become un-wieldy.

So here comes Windows 8.  I’m sure there were heated discussions at Microsoft about abandoning the old way program shortcuts were presented, but I think they made the right decision.  Now anyone can modify their start screen with a few clicks and dragging their tiles around.  Instead of being constrained by a menu, they have unlimited screen space to make their program listing their own.

We’ve started our YouTube help with just the videos you need to get started.  You can go to our page and run the Windows 8 playlist to get a step-by-step guide to understand Windows 8 screen management.  The newer videos are at the top of the playlist (so if you come back you will see the new videos on top).  But if it is your first visit, start at the bottom and progress up.

We will be uploading new videos for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.  To get started on Windows 8, check out our Windows 8 Tip playlist at YouTube Windows 8 Tips.

We believe you’ll love Windows 8 as much as we do.


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