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Batman does run (acceptable) on Lenovo Yoga 13

In an earlier video about Windows 8 Pinball on a Lenovo, I mentioned that the Lenovo Yoga 13 isn't a gaming laptop because it doesn't have a really high-end video card. I decided to test a couple of traditional games on it with mixed results.
First is Batman Arkham Asylum. With medium settings, it ran fine. Not the performance a hard core gamer wants, but perfectly acceptable. Be warned, you will need a mouse. You can't use the W,A,S,D key movements and the trackpad at the same time. I suppose you could attach a gaming controller as well. But the mouse worked fine.
Check out the video to see an external camera capture (not a screen capture). It's a little dark because of that and the angle, but it shows the performance. I also loaded a system monitor to watch the core temps. It got a little hot, so I would watch that with your individual machines.


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